How a Praying Family and a Forgiving God Helped ‘Good Church Boy’, Jeremy Anderson, Get His Life Back on Track

Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson

“There will be no smoking, no drug selling, no drug using, no premarital sex. I’m not going to nightclubs. I said that I’m going to live my life 100 percent for the Lord.”

Jeremy Anderson graduated from high school with a reputation for being a ‘good church boy.’ But just before he started college, his parents moved to a new state, and Jeremy got a new taste of freedom.

“So now I’m in this city that I’ve been in all my life, and I’m there without my parents,” Jeremy says, laughing, “buck wild.”

Jeremy says small compromises led him to do all the things he promised he never would. Before he knew it, Jeremy was drinking, getting high, and having sex. “I began to live life for Jeremy. I began to say, ‘I’m going to make a name for myself on campus. I’m going to be the cool guy. I want the finest chicks on campus. I want all the money, all the clothes. It’s all about me, me, me.’”

Jeremy says he was trying to figure out his true identity. “In college I really struggled with it, because that’s when I was becoming a man and I was trying to figure out what type of man would I be.”

After college, Jeremy became a manager at a rental car company. Drug dealers were frequent customers. “They would give me money and they would give me weed as a favor for me to put them in a car that they didn’t qualify for.”

Then Jeremy started a successful business promoting nightclubs. The pay was better than his day job, so he quit. “When the music stopped playing and when the champagne wasn’t flowing and the lights would cut on, and I would wake up and sober up, a part of me felt depressed because I knew there was something more to life.”

Jeremy’s father knew God had more for his son, so he prayed. “I think at the height of my success in drugs and clubs my father was at the height of his prayers and he transitioned from praying ‘for’ me to praying ‘on’ me. Whatever I was doing that wasn’t bringing God in Heaven glory, he was praying that I failed at it.”

“Instantly my drug connect gets cut off, my nightclub operation gets cut off, and so within a month’s time I find myself broke, owing people money.”

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SOURCE: The 700 Club
Brandice Hudson

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