ERLC Saves the Best for Last: Russell D. Moore and Kevin Smith Bring Down the House at Leadership Summit on the Gospel and Human Sexuality

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On Tuesday night, Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, delivered his keynote address titled, “Walking the Line: The Gospel and Moral Purity.”

Some highlights from Russell Moore’s message:

  • “An almost gospel is no match for the sexual revolution.”
  • “It is easy to demonize opponents; it is difficult to oppose demons.”
  • “The myth of the liberal Evangelical Millennial is exactly that.”
  • On marriage and religious liberty: ‘We need a long term vision and short term goals. It’s both/and not either/or.’

On the last day of the conference, Pastor Kevin Smith, of the Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, preached a message titled, “Keeping the Marriage Bed Pure: The Gospel and Marital Sexuality.”

Some highlights from Kevin Smith’s message:

  • “If you’ve pastored for 20 years without addressing divorce, you need to shut up about same-sex marriage.”
  • ‘Marriage is jacked up in America because of heterosexuals, not homosexuals.’
  • ‘We need to fix our own houses before we become cultural warriors.’
  • On “pulpit inadequacy”: ‘There is no way you  can preach the Bible without preaching the whole counsel of God.’
  • ‘Porn must be dealt with in order to keep the marriage bed pure.’
  • ‘It’s easy to scapegoat gays and the culture wars without proclaiming the Word of God to Christians.’
  • ‘Those who reject Godly sexuality miss out on the pleasure principle… Sex in covenant marriage is pleasurable, and shameless. Husbands and wives do not wake up with shame.’
  • ‘The over-sexualization found in the culture shouldn’t lead to asexuality in the church.’
  • Quoting Russell Moore: ‘Let us speak the truth in love but not back down from speaking the truth.’

The ERLC Leadership Summit addressed the gospel and human sexuality in order to equip pastors and church leaders to speak to these critical issues in their own congregations. The event was held at the Southern Baptist Convention building in Nashville, TN.

According to a tweet from the ERLC Press Room, videos from the conference should be made available by Friday, April 25.

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