Google Offers Grants for Nonprofits Who Come Up with Ideas on How to Use Glass

Photo of Google Glass from from Associated Press archives
Photo of Google Glass from from Associated Press archives

Google is offering grants to five nonprofits that come up with good ideas for uses for its Internet-connected specs. It’ll throw in a free pair of Glass, too.

The grants are an extension of Giving Through Glass, which has already seen nonprofits use Glass in their work, including for research.

The controversial gadgets — privacy concerns, they’re seen as symbols of wealth, some people say they’re a solution in search of a problem, etc. — have inspired bans, ridicule and even violence. The latest example: A Business Insider reporter wrote last week that someone snatched Glass from his face while he was in San Francisco.

But Google and others keep plugging away. Brandon Bailey has written that firefighters, police, surgeons and others have tested Glass for use on their jobs. One unofficial use we know of: live-streaming sex.

But back to the official talk: Nonprofits can submit ideas, using 250 words or less, for the $25,000 grant until May 20.

SOURCE: Levi Sumagaysay
Silicon Beat

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