Christian Revival Breaks Out Across Northern Africa, Thousands of Muslims Are Now Following Jesus

Revival Hits Muslim N. Africa

A Christian revival is touching the northernmost reaches of Africa. In a region once hostile to the Gospel, now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus.

As the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, Muslims across Northern Africa are converting to faith in Jesus Christ in record numbers.

“What God is doing in North Africa, all the way from actually Mauritanian to Libya, is unprecedented in the history of missions,” said Tino Qahoush, a graduate of Regent University and filmmaker.

Qahoush has spent years traveling the region to document the transformation.

“I have the privilege of recording testimonies and listening to first-hand stories of men and women of all ages, where they can be sitting in a room and see the appearance and the presence of God appear to them in reality, like a vision,” he told CBN News.

“Some of them gave me stories of how they carry on a conversation. It’s not just a light that appears” he added.

Qahoush revealed that sometimes he feels jealous.

“How come Jesus is visiting the Muslim world at this time and age and we don’t hear that happening in the traditional Christian community?” he said.

A Profound Move of God
His interviews confirm what experts say is a profound move of God in the predominantly Muslim nations of Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

From the shores of Casablanca, Morocco, to Tripoli, Libya, experts say the growth of Christianity, especially in the last 20 years, has been unprecedented.

Now that growth is also evident in the North African nation of Algeria.

Pastor Salah leads one of the largest churches in Algeria. Some 1,200 believers attend the church, and 99 percent of the population is Muslim.

“In fact we never thought the Algerian church would grow so big,” Salah said.

He said every new Christian in his church came from a Muslim background. Since the church opened, they have baptized on average 150-160 believers per year.

Zino, a former Muslim, was invited to attend Pastor Salah’s church by a friend. What he saw transformed him.

“I saw Algerians worshipping God with all their hearts and it touched me,” Zino shared.

Others like Farhat, who is also a former Muslim, spoke of miraculous encounters. He said he was illiterate and couldn’t read the Bible when he accepted the Lord. Then God made a change.

“Since then I’ve read the Bible and understood the Word of God,” he told CBN News. “This is just an example of what God has done in my life, and this is the case of many people here in Algeria.”

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George Thomas

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