10 Most Common Mistakes Ministers Make When Publishing a Sermon Series as a Book


After ghostwriting and editing more than 300 Christian books, Neil Eskelin, president of LifeBridge Books, offers his advice to ministers who have a sermon series they want to see published as a book.

Here are the ten most common mistakes:

1. Their writing lacks “you” power. Since the goal is to help readers, try to use the word “you” ten times as often as “I.”

2. They forget they have a personality. To develop a relationship with the reader, sprinkle your manuscript with personal stories–at least one or two per chapter.

3. They fail to grab the writer’s attention. After writing a chapter, pull out the best illustration and move it to the beginning. Start strong.

4. They need to use a thesaurus. If you are writing on faith, vision, or any particular theme, don’t use the same word over and over in successive sentences or paragraphs. Find synonyms to get your point across. Also, if you use an unusual word, once or twice in a book is enough.

5. They shout instead of speak. Only rarely should you use words or sentences with all capital letters–it’s like shouting at the reader. Instead use italics for emphasis. Also, keep exclamation points to a minimum, or they will lose their impact.

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SOURCE: Crossmap
Neil Eskelin

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