Easter Miracle: Despite Being Shot in the Head Twice, 13-Year-Old Gama Droiville Credits his Faith in God for Keeping Him Alive

Courtesy of The Droiville Family
Courtesy of The Droiville Family
Despite being shot in the head twice, a young boy credits his faith in God for keeping him alive and able to sing his praises.
A double Easter miracle will occur today as a 13-year-old Brooklyn boy who survived being shot two times in the head watches a live-streamed concert by the crouch choir in which he would otherwise have been singing.“They are giving me a lap top,” said miracle kid Gama Droiville from his bed in the pediatric unit at Kings County Hospital on Saturday.

And anybody who wants to join young Gama in watching an Easter service along with a concert by the French Speaking Baptist Church choir—performed with him in mind—need only go to www.fsnconline.com at 11 a.m.

Gama himself will only be able to watch with this left eye, as one of the bullets damaged his right and the doctors are still trying to save it. He will be listening with the ear of a singer who loves to practice every Saturday with the choir and then go home to practice some more. He has no particular favorite number.

“I like all the songs, “ he said.

What he loves is the singing itself, beginning with the selection by the choir director and on through the rehearsals, culminating in all of them performing with one transporting and transcending voice.

“To sing for the lord,” he said.

He had a plastic shield taped over his right eye and a Bible at his side as he quietly described the feeling he gets when he sings.

“Like I’m a blessed person,” he said. “Like nothing can stop me.”

Gama does not just sing the words of these songs of faith; he lives by their message. He demonstrated that fully on this afternoon between Good Friday and Easter, when he was asked about the 21-year-old who had been charged with the shooting. Gama uttered three words.

“I forgive him.”

Judgment, Gama then added, belongs to the same God he is so certain was with him just before noon on April 14 in Brooklyn, as he waited for a bus with his aunt and an 8-year-old cousin. Gunfire suddenly erupted and his aunt hustled him and his cousin into the safety of a pizzeria.

Gama then saw blood and he realized it was his own. He had been struck above the right eye and in the back of his head.

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” Gama assured his aunt.

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Source: The Daily Beast | Michael Daly

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