David Brooks of the New York Times says Middle Eastern Countries Think President Obama “Has a Manhood Problem”

Whoa nellie, here we go: New York Times columnist David Brooks said on Meet the Press Sunday morning that there’s a perception President Barack Obama has a “manhood problem” in the Middle East, a verdict he admitted came in vulgar packaging and was largely unfair.

“Basically, since Yalta, we’ve had an assumption that borders are basically going to be borders,” Brooks said about whether the U.S.’s actions on the Russia/Ukraine crisis could impact other territorial disputes. “And once that comes into question, if in Ukraine or Crimea or anywhere else, then all over the world—”

“All bets are off,” Chuck Todd said.

“And let’s face it, Obama, whether deservedly or not, does have a — I’ll say it crudely, but a manhood problem in the Middle East,” Brooks said. “Is he tough enough to stand up to somebody like Assad or Putin? A lot of the rap is unfair, but certainly in the Middle East, there’s an assumption he’s not tough.”

“Internally they fear this,” Todd said. “It’s not just Bob Corker saying it, questioning whether the president is being alpha male — that’s essentially what he’s saying, he’s not alpha dog enough, his rhetoric isn’t tough enough. They agree with the policy decisions, but it’s the rhetoric. Internally, this is a question.”

Watch the clip below, via NBC News:


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