Ed Gordon to Host “Do You Know Your Daddy?” Town Hall Discussion to Address Single-Parenting Issues in African American and Latino Communities; Will Stream Live on Wednesday, April 23rd

Ed Gordon to Host

Billed as an “African American and Latino Family Crisis,” award- winning journalist Ed Gordon (President of Ed Gordon Media) will host a thought-provoking town hall discussion about the dynamics of fatherless households in America; particularly within African-American and Latino urban communities.

The event will be moderated by Cathedral International lead pastor, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr.

The distinguished panel consists of James Mtume (Grammy Award-Winner and Activist) Chris Broussard (Sports Analyst, ESPN) Dr. Obery M. Hendricks (Professor of Biblical Interpretation, New York Seminary) Tyrone Muhammad (Director, Cotton Funeral Home) Frederica Bey (Executive Director WISOMMM Holistic Preschool Center) and Kevin E. Taylor (Co-Pastor Unity Fellowship Church NewArk) who will lend their voices and expertise in addressing single-parenting issues that are impacting employment, education, social behavior; but more importantly, lack of the male presence in homes and its relation to crime and incarceration.

Legendary entertainer Dionne Warwick sent words of her support saying,

“…I am so sorry that I cannot be with you today as I am out of the country…I do want you to know that I have, and still am totally committed to this issue of HIV/AIDS within our communities in numbers that are so much out numbering those in other communities throughout the USA and WORLDWIDE!!…

I am pleased that Bishop Hilliard has taken the initiative to hold this event to continue to keep information coming to all in attendance of great value. Please know that although I am not there in the flesh I am in spirit and hope when the opportunity again arises I will be able to be a part of this important forum being discussed…”

This national epidemic today has statistically risen to an alarming concern for African-American and Latino communities.

Pastor Hilliard is passionate that:

“This town hall discussion is not just an opportunity to voice frustration; its purpose is to determine how we can best resolve this epidemic.”

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Source: EURWeb.com

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