Making The Village Stronger…One Act of Kindness at a Time

NIkki Woods

Never lend more than you can afford to give is good advice.

The idea is that sometimes well-meaning people borrow money or items and when pay back time comes around…um…stuff happens.   So, instead of being surprised when people can’t or won’t meet their obligations, expect it and if you do get paid, consider it a happy bonus.

But if you get the idea that regular folks are the only ones who struggle with borrowing or lending, you might be surprised to know it’s even got Oprah losing sleep.

Oprah recently told a TMZ cameraman that people ask for money based on what you think they have.  We’re not even going to delve into why Oprah was talking to a TMZ cameraman or whether he was trying to hit her up for money.  Oprah said when she was making $22,000 a year, people always needed $50, when she made $50,000 people needed $500, and now, nobody needs anything less than $50,000.

That’s a problem a lot of us think we’d like to have.

When most people dream of having millions or billions, they imagine money flowing so freely that they would gladly support their family and friends. But as any former lotto winner can tell you, free-flowing money costs you a lot in other ways and before you know it, you’re broke.

So, what’s the best way to manage your generosity?  Here are some nuggets of wisdom I’ve acquired over the years:

  1. Nothing is 50/50.  Don’t try to give or receive in equal amounts. If someone borrows $100 and you know that paying you back is just going to put them deeper in the hole, why not let them repay you another way? Maybe she can babysit or he can change your oil.
  1. Never underestimate the barter system.  Yes, cash is king but skill is a close second.  If you don’t have money to lend, you can bless others with something you do well.

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Source: Black America Web | Nikki Woods

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