WATCH: Some Upset With Steve Harvey’s Answer After Woman Asks How She Can Be a Christian, But Not Boring

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

On the “Ask Steve” segment on the Steve Harvey show on Wednesday, a woman said she was back in church, but her life is boring. She asked Steve, “What can I do to have fun and some excitement in my life?” Steve’s comment didn’t set too well with some people according to his website. There are many comments stating that Steve Harvey was not the right person to ask. Some people were offended with his answer. In fact, there is a heated conversation on his website about how he answered the woman’s question.

We have to consider the source. Steve is a comedian. He has always been one, and probably will always be one even when it comes to spiritual matters. His job is to get laughs no matter what the subject is. Had the woman asked the same question to a minister or someone in the clergy, she definitely would not have gotten the comical answer she received from Steve.

She began by saying she has just gotten back in church, gave up drinking, smoking, and bad men. She is happy, but her life is so boring now. She wants Steve to tell her how to get some excitement back in her life and still stay godly. He first tells her that she can be a Christian and still have fun. Then he asked her, “Do you know how to shoot craps?” Black Jacks? Go to Vegas. Ain’t no scripture that says you can’t go to Vegas. I go all the time. I’m a Christian, I pay tithes and everything. That’s why I go to Vegas. I go to Vegas to win my tithes.”

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SOURCE: Examiner
Margaret Minnicks

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