Life of Dr. A. Louis Patterson Jr. Remembered and Celebrated at Homegoing Service

Dr. A. Louis Patterson
Dr. A. Louis Patterson

Dr. A. Louis Patterson Jr.  was remembered and celebrated for his long and fruitful life at a homegoing service at the Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, today. Preachers from across the country gathered to commemorate Dr. Patterson and his service to the body of Christ.

BCNN1 streamed the homegoing service live on BCNN3.TV via

Dr. Ralph Douglas West preached the eulogy.

After hearing some of the greatest preachers in America, the thing that impressed us the most here at BCNN1 was hearing the son of Dr. Patterson, Alan Lamar Patterson, who handled the end of the service with remarkable wisdom, humility, maturity, grace, and class. We believe that, with God’s blessings, Alan Patterson is in a position to do at Mount Corinth what Joel Osteen did with Lakewood after his father died, and even greater, of course, with a more Gospel-centric and Baptistic flavor.

Tweets About the Homegoing Service


WATCH: HB Charles Jr.’s Interview with Dr. A. Louis Patterson Jr.

Bio of Alan Lamar Patterson

Born in Houston, Texas Alan Lamar Patterson grew up with the God given gift of creativity. Early on, he was called upon to complete art assignments for his classmates in grade school who noticed his unique ability to create inspirational images on paper. Heavily influenced by the music video era that emerged in entertainment, Alan vividly discovered videos produced even more powerful images than a pen.

Upon graduating from the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in Houston, Texas Alan went on to graduate from the Historic Hampton University in Hampton Virginia where he majored in Mass media/Communications. From there Alan attended Law School. While attending Law School he accepted his call into the ministry and transferred to the prestigious Dallas Theological Seminary, where he obtained his Masters Degree in the field of Theology.

Alan’s cutting-edge, contemporary, creative, concepts & style have been featured as the front page cover stories for several major mass media publications and television including the front page of the Houston Chronicle, the front page of Houston Style Magazine, the feature story in a television short documentary, “A CLOSER LOOK,” by Deborah Wrigley of ABC Channel 13 Eyewitness News and the front page of the international publication the African-American Pulpit Journal who selected Alan as one of the “TOP 20 to watch under 40” in the entire United States of America. Currently Alan also serves as the National Director of Communications for the Congress of Christian Education of the NBC, USA INC. The NBC, USA INC. is one of America’s largest conventions and has a worldwide membership of nearly 8 million members.

As it pertains to his artistic attitude Alan has captured that same creative, contemporary, and cutting-edge charisma with the camera. He operates totally outside the box! His irreverence to image institutionalism has quickly garnered him instant notoriety because his unique photographic presentations are stunning stylistic showcases of urban and suburban sophistication!

Alan Lamar Patterson is married to the beautiful and lovely Deidra Conrad Patterson. They have one handsome son named Aldan, who is the inspiration and the namesake of the company.

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