Columbus Short of ‘Scandal’ Reportedly Threatened his Wife with Murder-Suicide

Columbus Short

Actor Columbus Short has been served divorce papers after allegedly threatening to kill his wife, Tuere Short, and then himself, TMZ reports.

According to a restraining order that the entertainment news site got ahold of, on April 7 the actor went into Tuere’s room intoxicated, with a wine bottle in hand, acting as if he were going to hit her, before dumping the alcohol on her.

Columbus, who plays gladiator Harrison Wright on the hit TV show Scandal, then proceeded to grab a knife from the kitchen, Tuere claims, pinning her and choking her. She said that he wanted to play a game called “Truth or Truth,” threatening to stab her if she lied.

According to Tuere, the actor grilled her about men with whom he thought she was having affairs. She denied any involvement. He allegedly then pressed the knife to her throat, threatening to kill her and then himself. As she tried to escape her husband, he allegedly slashed her tire.

The restraining order against the actor mandates that he move out of the house. Tuere is seeking full custody of the couple’s 2-year-old daughter.

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