The Best of Jobs, the Worst of Jobs

Every year since 1988, the Jobs Rated report has measured different careers through a variety of metrics. Understanding the challenges and rewards of a career is especially important given how vested we are in our work life.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the average American employee spends more than two-thirds of his or her day at work or on work-related activities.

Of course, much can change in the rankings of our Jobs Rated report over 26 years. Consider publication editor. Just 12 years ago, it ranked No. 31 overall. It checks in at 139 in this year’s Jobs Rated report.  

Technology has a profound impact on the demand, compensation and environment of a job. It’s also a career path all its own—and a rewarding one, as evident by the ranking of IT jobs in the 2014 Jobs Rated report.

Cultural shifts are also crucial to the job market. The institution of the Affordable Care Act and an aging Baby Boom generation contribute to growing demand in the healthcare field, and that is reflected in the favorable ranking of many jobs in the industry.

The findings we present here are more than just curiosities. Unlike many other facets of life, the jobs we work at are choices we make – ones we can stick with or change. Therefore, the “measure” of a job can tell us a lot about the quality of our lives.

No two work experiences are guaranteed to be alike, and different career paths cater to unique skills and interests. Ultimately, only you can determine the best job for your abilities and passions. However, the Jobs Rated report exists as a road map that will you determine the career field that is right for you.

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