Samuel Rodriguez Hosts National Hispanic Convention for Pastors and Leaders in San Diego on April 29-30


On April 29-30, 2014, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) will host its first annual National Hispanic Convention for pastors and leaders at the Marriott Mission Valley in San Diego, California. The theme for this historic event is Una Voz (One Voice).

In recent years, George Barna’s surveys on the church have reported that the Hispanic church is the fastest growing segment of the church here in America. However, we must acknowledge that while this is true, the Hispanic church as a whole has yet to find it’s voice as a unified and effective segment of today’s culture. We believe that now is the time to begin laying the foundation toward that end.

As the largest Latino Christian organization in America, the NHCLC is in a position to lead millions of Hispanic Born Again Christ followers via our 40,118 evangelical congregations and 52 denominations by providing leadership, networking, fellowship, strategic partnerships and public policy advocacy platforms to our seven directives: Life, Family, Great Commission, Stewardship, Education, Youth and Justice. Join us as we unite our voices in the reconciling of the vertical and horizontal planes of the Christian message; sanctification with service, conviction with compassion, the image of God with the habits of Christ, holiness and humility, John 3:16 and Matthew 25 and the prophetic with the practical.

We hope you will bring your voice to San Diego on April 29-30 and with “Una Voz”, we will change the course of history!

Click here for more info.

SOURCE: National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

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