Second Autopsy Done on Dr. Teleka Patrick Confirms She Died by Drowning

Police Believe Body Found Floating in Indiana Lake Is that of Missing Michigan Doctor Teleka Patrick

Dr. Teleka Patrick‘s family wasn’t convinced with the first autopsy.

They hired a private investigator to answer their lingering questions.

But the results were basically the same — Dr. Patrick died of asphyxia from drowning.

The investigator Jim Carlin told MLive he attended the second autopsy, which concluded with the same results.

Patrick’s family wasn’t ruling out foul play in her death.

Her first autopsy was done on April 8 after her body was found at northern Indiana lake.

“The reason the family did [the second autopsy] is because they have been so concerned about what they heard about the case coming to a conclusion,” Carlin said, MLive reports. “We now know the answer of where is Teleka, but they’re demanding to learn what truly happened to her.”

She disappeared on December 5 after last being seen at Borgess Medical Center, where she was a first-year resident part of a four-year residency in psychiatry.

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