Despite Suicide, Pastor Robert McKeehan’s Wife Believes Her Husband Is In Heaven; He “Finished His Race for God”

The suicide of Pastor Robert McKeehan, senior pastor of Community Bible Church in High Point, rocked the church's congregation over the weekend.
The suicide of Pastor Robert McKeehan, senior pastor of Community Bible Church in High Point, rocked the church’s congregation over the weekend.

Elizabeth McKeehan, the widow of Pastor Robert McKeehan recently used social media on Saturday to share her views on her husband killing himself. Her husband committed suicide by hanging himself on Friday April 11, 2014. Pastor McKeehan was merely 42 years old.

“With saddened hearts for our earthly loss, but joyful for heaven’s gain, we inform you that Robert McKeehan finished his race for God and entered into His presence Friday night. Details regarding his celebration of life service are pending and will be posted shortly. John, Scarlett and I along with our families covet your prayers for comfort and peace in the days, weeks and months ahead,” wrote Elizabeth McKeehan on Facebook three days ago.

Community Bible’s board Chairman Richard Curtis shared his thought on how he and the rest of the members of Community Bible Church are dealing with the passing of their Pastor.

“As you can imagine, there’s been a lot of grief and a lot of numbness,” said Pastor Curtis to High Point Enterprise. “We’re sad, of course…we’re going to be poorer for the loss…but we’re also trying to help people understand that even though this is not the path we would’ve chosen, God is sovereign, and we’re still going to praise and worship our God.”

Two days ago at church service, adult ministries Pastor Rob Black used Scripture to help his congregation with the loss of their Pastor and friend.

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and our children forever,” said Pastor Black to the church members on Sunday when he quoted Deuteronomy 29:29 at the church service, according to an article from HPE.

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William Rameau

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