Pastor Carl Lentz Says Serving New York City Will Always Be the Central Mission of Hillsong NYC


Pastor Carl Lentz, who has been leading Hillsong NYC for more than three years, recently said that serving New York City will always be central to the vision and mission of the megachurch.

“The vision of Hillsong Church hasn’t changed for 30 years,” Lentz told The Christian Post, speaking of the ministry founded in 1983 by Brian and Bobbie Houston in Sydney, Australia.

“If anything, we’re trying to continue to encourage people,” he added. “The vision of our church is to serve New York City, so that’s never gonna change.”

What has changed recently for Hillsong NYC, a member of the Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God in Australia), is its new worship location.

Previously gathering for Sunday worship at the Irving Plaza concert venue in Manhattan’s Union Square, the growing congregation now gathers for worship at the Manhattan Center about two miles uptown. The number of services for Hillsong NYC, which reportedly attracts about 5,000 worshippers weekly, also has decreased from eight to five, with an additional service time for New Jersey worshippers in Montclair.

Asked if the venue change had anything to do with the congregation’s growth, Lentz told CP: “New venue, but same awesome people, just a little more room to grow. We’re loving it.”

As for how he and the leadership encourage the diverse congregation to plug in and serve their city, Lentz said, “It’s kind of impossible not to.”

“If you come for more than a day, you’re gonna know that the heartbeat of our church is to not just take from this thing, but pour into it — not just our church, but your relationship with God is giving-based. I think we’re preaching the right thing.”

He added, when asked about connecting with other local church leaders, “We’ve got friends and churches that we love, and people that we would collaborate with when possible. God is doing great stuff at a lot of different churches.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Nicole Menzie

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