Joyce Meyer Gives 4 Steps to Defeating Your Giants

Joyce Meyer

Have you ever started a project and not finished it? Or put a dream on hold because other things got in the way? I think we’ve all experienced these frustrations at some point in our life. The truth is sometimes starting is the easy part. However, with God’s help we can finish whatever we start because the Bible says, “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26 NKJV).

I believe when we feel a passion to do something, God has more than likely put that desire in us. For example, I am passionate about teaching people the Word of God. I’m so passionate about it that I’ve given my life to it for the last 38 years and will continue to do so. That’s because God spoke to me and put that desire in my heart. If I had gone and done something else instead, I probably would have spent the rest of my life feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

That’s what happens when we are passionate about something and we don’t do something about it. But the good news is even when we’re tempted to think that it’s too late to start over, with God, it’s never too late. And God will give us what we need, especially in times of adversity.

It’s important to understand that when we step out to do the things God has planned for us, we need to be ready to stand our ground when opposition comes along. The apostle Paul said, “A wide door of opportunity for effectual [service] has opened to me…and [there are] many adversaries” (1 Corinthians 16:9 AMP).

Defeating Your Giants

These adversaries are like giants, and there are little ones and big ones. Sometimes they come in the form of a mental attack, or they could come through a person you’re close to. People actually laughed at me when I told them what I felt God was calling me to do. Or an adversary could be one of those little daily aggravations we all face.

The bottom line is that the devil sets us up to get us upset. Because he knows that as soon as we get upset and emotional, we stop hearing from God. All we’re hearing is our own frustration and thoughts, and we become aggravated at everybody else. But if you want to fulfill God’s call on your life, you have to learn how to face adversity – your giants – and overcome it.

First Samuel 17 gives us a formula for defeating the giants in our lives. All the soldiers of Israel were in a valley and a giant named Goliath was threatening them. No one wanted to fight Goliath so a shepherd boy named David decided that he would slay the giant. When King Saul heard what David wanted to do, he told him it was a ridiculous idea and that he was too young. David did eventually kill the giant, and we can learn a lot about defeating our own adversaries from his story.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Joyce Meyer

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