Dr. Mary A. Henderson Empowers People to Practice Living a Life of Excellence and Success in her New Book, “A Mind of Excellence”

ATLANTA, GA, (April 14, 2014) – Many people long to be successful personally and professionally. However, some make the mistake of measuring success by how much money one makes, how big one’s house is, how new one’s car is, one’s abilities and talents, or one’s status in their local community. Though success in life can be seen as some of these things, real success is only found by following the divine path uniquely designed just for you by the Creator.

In Dr. Mary A. Henderson’s new book, A Mind of Excellence, readers will experience the power of living their lives based on the Word of God and choosing to follow His plan and purpose above all else. Henderson offers biblical keys, practical tools, and life-transforming principles that can be applied daily on one’s journey to living successfully. Often self-help books give much information from psychologists and thought leaders who are experts in their field. Such information is good to know and to understand for it can help one see things differently and even put things in perspective. However, A Mind of Excellence seeks to answer the tough questions from a biblical perspective. Questions such as, What can I do to prepare for success? and How do I overcome the pain and the hurt that come with success? will be thoroughly discussed and answered in the pages of this book.
Readers will be challenged to evaluate their goals and values in light of God’s Word. They will be empowered to reach higher and to go farther in life. And as one becomes successful by using the principles in this book, they will find themselves living, working, and thinking with excellence.
Here is what others are saying about A Mind of Excellence:
“It’s time to empower yourself with a mind of excellence! The conformed mind is a mind of mediocrity. The transformed mind is a mind of magnificence!”
– Rev. Dr. Frank M. Reid III
A Mind of Excellence is powerfully attractive. It echoes the voice of God in a godless culture! It can be used as training manual if you are seeking a new way of thinking!”
– Lady Marlaa H. Reid
Dr. Mary A. Henderson is a servant of God who has earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Howard University. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter, a part of a loving family, a woman of faith and a child of the King. It is her desire to help others so that their journey might be easier and her living will not be in vain. Mary has served 30 years as a School Psychologist and an Educator. Her ministry has been dedicated to the mental health and healing of youth and young adults across the United States.
To book Mary A. Henderson for speaking engagements and/or book signings, please email: mahemmettia@yahoo.com or alise wiggins@facebook.com, or call 443-680-1870.
A Mind of Excellence is available on Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle.
Mary A. Henderson
5707 Rockspring Rd LL
Baltimore, Maryland 21209
SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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