Anthony Evans Releases “Real Life/Real Worship” Album; Talks About “The Voice”, Expanding His Reach Beyond the Church, and Longing for a Significant Other

Anthony Evans

In an interview with Breathecast, critically acclaimed singer Anthony Evans opened up about his newest contemporary album, his success since being on “The Voice,” and tearing down the walls of the church to expand his reach to those outside of its four walls.

Evans described his musicals style as pop and R&B, infused with worship, and that is surely a great example of what listeners will get from his latest album Real Life/Real Worship, debuting nationwide on April 8.

Since his time on The Voice, Evans has recorded with Mega Stars such as CeeLo Green, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. He said although a worshiper at heart, he would consider a pop career, but it would still be, “Anthony the Christian guy doing pop music.”

“I won’t compromise my faith to have another career, my faith would still be on my record,” he clarified. Evans’ new album has a few cuts that are not strictly “Christian.”

“The Voice broadened my mind,” the singer/songwriter declared. The head of reality casting of ABC told Evans at his time of audition, “‘why are you 28 and I’ve never heard of you before?'” the singer said that one statement completely changed his “perspective.”

Upon hearing the casting director’s comment, he immediately thought to himself, “maybe God gave me this ability for inside the church walls, and outside if it,” he explained.

Evans stated he never imagined that God had called him for a broader audience. He said as he progressed through the show and met with celebrities like Mark Burnett, Christina Aguilera, and Jewel, they all echoed the same thing.

He went into detail about the time when singer Jewel, who has successfully crossed over into several genres, said to him, “‘Anthony the tip of the iceberg is your faith, but I want to know what’s underneath the surface.'” He said when he heard those words he thought of his next album’s concept, and how it had to be about “real life, real worship.”

Soon after the show, the singer started recording with iconic artists. He said being able to perform on stage with Mariah was an experience he never thought he would have.

“What am I doing up here?” Evans said he asked himself while singing the pop divas famous hits “Hero” and “Make it Happen,” alongside her during live concerts.

He said to ensure he remained faithful to God as well as a progressive artist he traveled to and from Dallas his hometown, and Los Angeles, where he currently resides all the time.

When spending time with his family he said they always keep him in line. Evans said even his non-Christian friends remind him to stay on track with his gospel roots. “I have learned so much from my non-Christian friends because they want for me what I want for me,” the singer stated.

When asked how he stays away from the new age movement so prevalent living in Hollywood, Evans said ultimately “It’s a balancing act, because L.A. will swallow you up.”

After 15 years on the road, Evans said he is ready to call some one home. His song “Somebody to call home,” is a song about longing for a significant other. “Christians have those human emotions let’s talk about them,” he said, when discussing his choice to do a song about wanting love in that way. The singer said he purposely placed the song “Ask,” after “Somebody to Call Home” to remind listeners that although they have natural desires, God gives unto his people if they ask.

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Jeannie Law

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