Why Tina Campbell’s Decision to Air Her Husband’s Multiple Affairs Out In the Public Was Un-Christian

Tina Campbell

Some matters are best left private, like the devastating healing process going on in Tina Campbell’s marriage, currently unfolding on WE tv’s Mary Mary.

Going public in the May 2013 issue of Ebony was already a no-no. Then, dragging the ordeal out for an entire season has proven doubly unfortunate. This is too much information and drama overload, though viewership has reached record highs this season.

“Some things are better handled privately,” Cheryl Hamilton, A Milwaukee-based Christian therapist told EEW Magazine.

“When emotions are too raw, it is not a good time to air dirty laundry. Things get too confusing and convoluted.”

That confusion is not limited to the parties working through their marriage troubles. In Tina’s case, it extends to members of the viewing audience that are being taught that Christians do not have discipline, a filter or a way of handling drama that is any different from a non-Christian.

How can this be healthy for the mission of sharing the gospel when the foolishness overshadows the good news of the gospel?

In November 2013, EEW Magazine published a variety of responses we received after the news that Tina had gone public with the affair broke. While feelings were mixed, with some praising the 39-year-old’s courage, an overwhelming majority condemned the idea.

A woman named Aubrey, 27 said, “It is nobody’s business what you are going through. Keep that private and minister to us. Let God minister to you, behind closed doors.”

But now, the doors are wide open.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News & Entertainment
Portia Hendrix

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