Pregnant Mothers Who Eat a Lot of Junk Food Increase Their Child’s Risk of Being Obese


Mothers who indulge in junk food while they’re pregnant may be programming their unborn babies to want the same kind of bad food and eventually grow to be obese, according researchers at Adelaide University in Australia.

Researchers say up to 50 percent of women who get pregnant are overweight or obese, increasing their child’s risk of obesity later in life.

“The increasing prevalence of obesity among pregnant women has led to the establishment of an intergenerational cycle of obesity and metabolic disease,” Adelaide University researcher Dr Beverly Muhlhausler said, according to

“In short, we are seeing heavier mothers giving birth to heavier infants who go on to be fatter and less metabolically healthy in later life,” she said.

The researchers found that pregnant lab rats who ate the wrong food changed the appetites of their children. That led them to overeat and increased their appetites for sugary and fatty foods while also changing their metabolism.

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