Members of Virginia’s Goodwill Baptist Church Remember 79-Year-Old Deacon Who Was Shot and Killed In His Car

Clinton Jackson Sr.

The investigation continues in the shooting death of a 79-year-old grandfather and church deacon.

In broad daylight Tuesday, someone shot Clinton Jackson Sr. in his car near 33rd Street and Madison Avenue in Newport News. Jackson was pronounced dead at a local hospital a short while later.

Witnesses told police they saw a man running away from Jackson’s car; authorities believe Jackson may have known his killer.

Jackson was a member and deacon at Goodwill Baptist Church on Catalpa Road in Hampton for more than two decades.

On Wednesday night, church members came together to remember the deacon. Parishioners cried, prayed, hugged and consoled one another.

Another deacon named Rudolph Jones tearfully prayed, “Father God he was a warrior for you he was a magnificent man and he stood. He didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk.”

Before church members began their bible study, they draped a black cloth over the pew where Jackson sat during service. The minister of the congregation even pointed out how Jackson, who was a former long distance truck driver was responsible for getting a steeple on the church’s original building across the street.

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Jonathan Costen

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