In Long Shareholder Letter, Jeff Bezos Gives Readers a “Tour” of 21 Amazon Initiatives founder and CEO Jeff Bezos attends Amazon Studios Premiere Screening for "Alpha House" on Nov. 11, 2013 in New York City. Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images founder and CEO Jeff Bezos attends Amazon Studios Premiere Screening for “Alpha House” on Nov. 11, 2013 in New York City. Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

In one of his longest shareholder letters, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gave readers a “tour” of 21 Amazon initiatives. Among the tour stops were updates on Prime, initiatives for “Readers & Authors,” the Amazon Appstore, Spoken Word Audio, Employee Empowerment, Fulfillment Innovation, Urban Campus, Fast Delivery, and Experiments and More Experiments.

The tour began with Prime, the two-day shipping plan for which Amazon raised the annual fee from $79 to $99 in March. There are “tens of millions of Prime members worldwide,” Bezos wrote and more than 20 million products that are eligible to be shipped under Prime.

Turning to readers and authors, Bezos said that the company is “investing heavily on behalf of readers,” and he pointed to such 2013 achievements as the launch of the new, high-contrast Kindle Paperwhite, the integration of the “very impressive” Goodreads into Kindle, and the launch of Kindle in India, Mexico, and Australia. Last year also saw the launch of Kindle Worlds and the literary journal Day One plus the debut of eight Amazon Publishing imprints and the launching of Amazon Publishing in the U.K. and Germany.

The Amazon Appstore now has over 200,000 apps and serves customers in almost 200 countries, Bezos wrote.

He called 2013 a “landmark year” for Audible, noting that Audible customers downloaded “close to 600 million listening hours” of audiobooks last year. In what passes for hard numbers at Amazon, Bezos said the audio edition of The Great Gatsby has sold 100,000 copies.

In devoting a couple of paragraphs to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, Bezos said the company is on the “7th generation of fulfillment center design.” The company now as 96 “FCs” and he invited shareholders to take a tour of the facilities. Working conditions at several Amazon FCs have come under criticism in the media. Bezos said the company “rolled out 280 software improvements in the year,” and added, “Our goal is to continue to iterate and improve on the design, layout, technology, and operations in these buildings, ensuring that each new facility we build is better than the last.”

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SOURCE: Publishers Weekly
Jim Milliot

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