WATCH: Jacksonville Pastor Mark Griffin’s Van and Church Lawn Mowing Equipment Stolen

Jacksonville Pastor Mark Griffin's Van and Church Lawn Mowing Equipment Stolen

A Jacksonville pastor’s church van was stolen on the west side Wednesday, along with some valuable equipment belonging to the assembly.

Pastor Mark Griffin, of Wayman Chapel AME Church, can’t believe a thief was bold enough to steal his 15 passenger van right off church property. Griffin said attached to the back of the van was about $3,000 worth of lawn mowing equipment. Griffin said it’s equipment used by the ex-offenders he hires as part of his “transformation program.”

“What they took is much more valuable than the cost of it. It’s going to impact people’s employment,” said Griffin. “We are going to try hard to do what we can to keep everyone employed.”

It’s a setback for the church now that spring is here.

According to the crime report, a church member discovered where it appears the thief cut through a nearby chain link fence to gain access to the van.

Investigators are looking for a white Ford 15 passenger van. Griffin said Wayman Ministries is written in burgundy letters on the side of it. The van’s license plate is Florida tag L864PE.

“We don’t lose hope,” said Griffin. “We are going to tool back up and let that person know that if you have our stuff, we ask that you turn it back in, because you are not going to be blessed doing the wrong thing, but it’s not going to stop us from helping the people that need help.”

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Source: News 4 Jax | Tim / Nicholas

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