Successful Doctor, Author, Businesswoman, and Reality TV Star, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, says she ‘Takes Pleasure in Serving’ her Husband and Gives 10 Awesome Reasons Why Wives Should Be Submissive

Dr. Heavenly Kimes
Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Should I be submissive to my man? Not a chance! I’m an independent woman who doesn’t need a man to make me happy… Both of these statements are a bit cliche, but submission continues to be a topic amongst modern women. On the premiere episode of “Married To Medicine” season 2, we were introduced to Dr. Heavenly Kimes, a dentist who made it known that she likes to be submissive to her man because it is a man’s role to be in charge.

“Being married to Dr. Damon Christian Kimes is one of my greatest accomplishments, and I take pleasure in serving him,” Dr. Heavenly tells HelloBeautiful. “I am a very successful doctor, who happens to own multiple businesses, is an author, has a real estate license, etc., but I don’t carry over that ‘boss’ mentality into my household.”

Dr. Heavenly stood out amongst her new cast mates because of her beliefs. During a dinner scene on the Bravo reality show, Dr. Heavenly  confronted cast mate Dr. Jackie because she assumed Jackie was not as submissive to her own husband as she is to hers.

“Let me be perfectly clear, submission does not mean I’m his slave, actually in the Bible it means to ‘support,’” she says. “Certainly submission does not mean going against my morals. Submissiveness simply means being humble, and engaging in a positive dialogue with your husband. It means maintaining your own dignity, while helpfully cooperating with your husband in building the family.”

So does submissiveness equate to a successful relationship? According to Dr. Heavenly’s prescription book, it does.

The doctor is in…see her tips on how to maintain a successful relationship by being more submissive.

1.  Have a hot meal ready for your man when he gets home from work. Let’s face it, I’m a busy woman, and I don’t always have time to cook. But if I don’t think I’ll have the time that night, I’ll have my cook prepare something, or I will pick something up.

2. Don’t be a prude in the bedroom. Of course, I am not encouraging you to go out and have a threesome, BUT keep an open mind to the new things that your husband wants to try. Don’t be so quick to say “no.” Take pleasure in pleasing your man. And please try not to ever go to sleep angry.

3. Don’t be a nag. You don’t always have to have response. As women, we like to give our opinions, often times, unwarranted. It’s OK to not have a comment. Pick and choose your battles if it’s not that important…let it go!  Your husband does not want to hear your opinion 24/7, especially when using a loud, high-pitched tone (that some of us like to use).

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Source: Black America Web | Shamika Sanders

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