African Con Artist Uses Bishop T. D. Jakes on Facebook to Try and Trick Woman Into Sending Money

T.D. Jakes tells single parents

An Emporia woman was nearly scammed by a con artist posing as mega preacher T.D. Jakes on Facebook.

“Why would they do Bishop Jakes like that?” she told NewsChannel 3′s Jessica Larche. “Bishop Jakes need to know about this, because I realize he’s not a part of this.”

Woodley said last month she received a friend request from someone with a T.D. Jakes profile name with Jakes’ picture.

“I felt so good because it said Bishop Jakes invited me as a friend,” Woodley said.

She said the two exchanged messages about Bible verses and good deeds.

“I said I need a furnace in my house because I’ve been heating with kerosene heaters all winter,” Woodley said, weeping from the living room in her mobile home.

She said she then got a message back from “Jakes” promising her $50,000 if she agreed to wire $80 to an account in Africa. She went to the nearby Walmart, but she said the clerk at the customer service counter warned her about sending the money after looking at the address and recipient.

“I was really upset with her, kind of angry,” Woodley said.

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Jessica Larche

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