Sarah Jakes Hopes to Use Her Life Story to Help a Generation Struggling With Faith, Church and Life Detours


‘If we’re really going to be Christians and really trust that God is sovereign and can do anything with our lives, we have to be willing to let Him touch every area of our lives,’ Says T.D. Jakes’ Daughter

Sarah Jakes, daughter of The Potter’s House pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes, hit a chord with many when she shared in a series of blog posts about the turmoil she endured as a teen mom and years later, over a broken marriage. In her new memoir, Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life, Jakes goes even deeper into the struggles that she feels ultimately led her back to God and gave her a platform to speak to a generation struggling with faith, the church and their own detours in life.

“If you had told me the girl who got pregnant at thirteen and felt like the black sheep child of America’s favorite preacher would now be a twenty-five-year-old single mom, divorcée, author, motivational speaker, TV personality, ministry director, and senior editor, I never would have believed you,” Jakes writes in Lost and Found.

The mother of two, who divorced ex-NFL player Robert Henson in 2012 after four years of marriage, continues:

“But knowing it’s true, that I’m all these things and so much more now, I’d say the only way to get your bearings and find yourself is to trust that you were never really lost. Amid all your twists and turns, perhaps you simply haven’t discovered the right direction yet. God loves the lost. And He loves to help us find our way when we turn to Him and ask directions. …”

Jakes, who blogs at and oversees the women’s ministry at her parents’ megachurch in Dallas, recently spoke with The Christian Post about how privileged she feels to be able to use her testimony to inspire others in their walk with God.

Below is a transcript, edited for clarity, of CP’s interview with Jakes.

CP: You mention in Lost and Found that everyone has to go through “a process,” that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Can you elaborate?

Jakes: I think we all have this idea and this image of who we want to be in our minds. But we realize we’re so far from that person that it makes us give up completely. But I believe that it really starts with baby steps. It took a long time for me to embrace that. I wanted to recover so quickly from my pregnancy that I missed out on the process of really healing the right way. So I believe that when we break that dream down into baby steps, into “faith without works is dead,” and [are] really determined to do the work, that we’ll look up and one day our lives [will] have been transformed. But it’ll never start if we don’t begin.

CP: There’s been debate about Millennials (18-33-year olds) leaving the Church, and what that might actually mean. But in some cases, young people are in Church, but maybe have mentally or spiritually checked out. What do you say to someone who’s in church but struggling to connect with God?

Jakes: God exists outside of church as well. We don’t have to just search for God in a church service. We have the opportunity to search for Him in the small things, like waking up each day. … You know, choosing to have joy in a situation where we could be terrified. We have to pull God into our everyday lives. He doesn’t just appear. He’s given us free will. Because of that, it is our conscious decision and effort to include Him that really makes the difference.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Nicola Menzie

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