Mars Hill Pastor Creates Special iPhone Case Called COVR; Hopes it Will Help his Wife with Cancer Costs

Award winning photographer and Mars Hill Pastor Thomas Hurst. (JUSTIN J DEAN, CHRISTIAN POST)
Award winning photographer and Mars Hill Pastor Thomas Hurst. (JUSTIN J DEAN, CHRISTIAN POST)

Mars Hill Bellevue pastor and award-winning photographer Thomas Hurst has created an innovative case for the iPhone that he hopes to use to generate money to support his wife’s cancer treatment.

This accessory, named the COVR, case allows iPhone users to take pictures holding the device horizontally instead of vertically. It does this with a built-in sliding lens that allows photographers to shoot pictures without being noticed.

“Everyone has become a photographer in the age of smartphones,” Hurst said, “But as easy as the technology has allowed photography to become, our iPhones still don’t allow us to be present without being obtrusive. As soon as we pull out our iPhones and hold them up to capture a picture, people become aware, they stare, shift, change ­ the picture changes and what you wanted to capture for forever, is lost. This is why I created COVR Photo, so we don’t miss the images that really matter.”

Hurst launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project where he already raised about $20,000 of an $80,000 goal. Once the component goes into production, Hurst will use the money made from its sales to pay his wife’s medical bills, as he is suffering from late stage colon cancer.

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