“Duck Dynasty” Women say Their Rough and Tumble Husbands Have Unexpectedly Become Sex Symbols


“Duck Dynasty” is probably best known for its five bearded, camo-wearing male stars, but their wives have become stars in their own right.

“Duck Dynasty” is a top-rated show about the Robertsons, a Louisiana family that runs a multi-million dollar duck call business. The Robertson women, who have written a new book about their experiences, sat down with “Good Morning America” correspondent Bianna Golodryga to talk about how the program’s enormous popularity has affected their lives.

For one thing, outspoken family patriarch Phil Robertson has been exposed to the flip side of fame, which brings intense scrutiny and criticism. A staunch Christian, Robertson’s comments to GQ magazine about homosexuality and race — he linked homosexuality and bestiality as sinful and said he never saw the mistreatment of a black person in the pre-Civil Rights era — led to his suspension from the show.

Asked whether her husband regretted his comments, Kay Robertson replied: “You know as far as Phil with the gay thing, love everybody that is gay. But yes because he quoted the scripture that said that he would do it again because that’s just who he is. He’s honest. He loves people. He really does.”

“And you would embrace a gay grandchild too?” Golodryga asked.

“Yes,” Robertson said.

The women also revealed that fame appears to have turned their men into sex symbols.

Jessica Robertson, the wife of Jep Robertson, related an incident with a fan.

“Last year a lady asked to take a picture with Jep, and during the picture he said she, like, grabbed his rear end,” she said.

Her sister-in-law, Missy, who is married to Jase Robertson, agreed.

“The women are after the men,” she said.

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