WATCH: Roland Martin says Attacks on Black Conservatives are Too Personal

Roland S. Martin
Roland S. Martin

When Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon turned conservative pundit, compared the United States to Nazi Germany last month, he was quickly criticized in mainstream and liberal media outlets, including by the Daily Beast’s Joshua DuBois, who wrote that Carson was no longer a role model for black children because he “sold out to the right.”

Carson gets plenty of attacks like that whenever he speaks out against liberal causes, but he rarely gets public support from groups like the NAACP.

Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” on TV One, thinks that should change.

“The issue I’ve always had is, if you’re going to criticize someone, you criticize them based upon policy, based upon issues versus their character [and] things under those lines,” Martin told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“I do believe when you have people who are being attacked personally for their views, it is the job of responsible parties to step up and say those critiques are absolutely unnecessary,” he said Monday.

Martin compared the criticism Carson gets to the attack on Sen. Tim Scott, a South Carolina Republican, in February by North Carolina NAACP President William Barber, who likened Scott to a ventriloquist’s dummy for the tea party, and the frequent criticism of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

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SOURCE: Aaron Stern 

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