National Baptist Convention to Hold Training Seminars, Discuss Policy Statement on Same-Sex Marriage During 2014 Chaplains Institute

National Baptist Convention

The 2014 Chaplains Professional Development Institute attendance is required of all Chaplains endorsed through the Office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser of our Convention. Exceptions can be made when coordinated, in advance, through the Office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser ( The Institute will be held with the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, meeting in Dallas.Texas, June 16-20. Please remember that the Office of the Endorser is Self-sustaining, with reliance upon your Annual Dues ($250)/ year) and Offerings for sustained operations. Due to an administrative error, The Chaplains Institute # 9913 was omitted from the initial class/room publication. Please check with the Office of Ministers Division for Class Room designation.

The 2014 Institute will have three main features: (1) Ecclesiastical Endorser Administrative Update, (2) Two Training Seminars, (3) Policy statement on same-sex marriage.

Seminar #1 (Chaplain Johnny Smith, Jr.), Preaching the Gospel in the 21st Century. The class will look at the question, “How can we preach a First Century Gospel in the 21st Century?” The seminar will consider environmental, social, historical conditions as denominational issues that affect our 21st Century presentation of the Gospel of our Lord.

Seminar #2 (Chaplain Brenda Burney), Lasting effects of military deployments (with emphasis on combat deployments) on the children of veterans. This seminar will focus on the effects of deployment on the children of soldiers who are deployed away from the family. There are short and long-term effects that should be noted as ministers (military and civilian) minister to the military family. We will note that any separation from the family, (work, prison, school) can have identifiable effects on the
family that is separated from an adult member of the family.

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SOURCE: National Baptist Convention

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