How God Helped Charmeshia Wren Heal from the Tragedy of Multiple Miscarriages

Charmeshia Wren
Charmeshia Wren

As a neo-natal nurse, Charmeshia Wren has shared in a mother’s joy at having a healthy baby. She’s also felt their pain when their newborn’s life hangs in the balance. “I used to work in a hospital that took care of low income, homeless and drug addicted babies and things of that nature. It made me even more appreciate the life and know that if a baby made it, it’s because God has a plan for that baby’s life.”

Charmeshia knows all too well that some don’t make it. In 2012 her daughter Olivia died shortly after birth. “It was a shock when I first saw her, you know, because she looked just like me. I told God, I said, ‘I don’t understand why You would leave me here and take my baby. You could have taken me and left her here.’”

But this wasn’t the first time Charmeshia and her husband Chris felt the pain of losing a baby. In fact, it had happened three times before. She remembers surprising Chris when she became pregnant with their first child. “You see it so many times on the movies. But that’s what I did. I just showed him the stick. I said, ‘Oh, it’s time for us to do some talking about what we’re going to do with the guest room.’”

Before they could even pick out a crib, Charmeshia miscarried in her first trimester. Chris tried to reassure her. “He was OK, ya know? He was like, ‘We’ll just try again.’”

They did and were expecting twin boys. They lost both of them. Chris shares the story. Chris says, “The twins was very tough because we came up with the names, you know, Joshua, Caleb. Caleb came out. He was actually alive. And so they gave me Caleb and I held onto him and he was moving around in my arms. Felt his heart beating. And then you see heartbeat going slower and slower and slower until he eventually passed.”

Charmeshia continues, “Chris and I we grieved and we grieved together and during that time we didn’t anticipate getting pregnant again. It just happened, two months later actually, we were pregnant again.”

They named their daughter Olivia and hoped this time would be different. It was a girl, Olivia. But doctors warned them, something was wrong. “The hospital had prepared us because her kidneys didn’t form and her heart was so badly deformed.”

The same thing happened with Caleb and Joshua. Charmeshia shares, “What they had was called Potters Syndrome. I was told by my O.B., ‘sometimes this happens but you have,’ what did she say, ‘one in a million chance of this happening again.’ And it happened again.”

She carried Olivia full term but the baby lived only 20 minutes. Charmeshia fell into a deep depression, and any grip she had left on her faith was slipping. “It was a dark place. I felt lost. I would try to pray and read my Bible. But I was still sad. I was very angry for a while there.”

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SOURCE: The 700 Club
Annika Young

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