While a Troubled Soldier Shoots His Own, Ron Hutchcraft Says Many Christians Do the Same

MNN’s Greg Yoder and RHM’s Ron Hutchcraft in the Cornerstone University Radio studios.
MNN’s Greg Yoder and RHM’s Ron Hutchcraft in the Cornerstone University Radio studios.

United States military officials continue trying to piece together the moments that led up to a member of the U.S. military gunning down fellow soldiers. Spc. Ivan Lopez is accused of killing three and turning his gun on himself at the Fort Hood, Texas military base.

How could a soldier turn the gun and shoot one of his own? That’s the same question Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries is asking. “That’s what grieves me about what’s going on amongst God’s people today because we do that. We shoot our own. There are so many people who have been wounded by another Christian.”

Hutchcraft, quoting a former pastor of his, says, “The devil’s favorite instrument to discourage a Christian is another Christian.”

He continues, “Unfortunately there is a lot of attacking one another right now, and either you’re too liberal or too conservative, or you’re too young or you’re too old-school. In many cases, we get on each other over the 10% area.” He says most evangelicals agree on 90% of Scripture but argue about the 10% that may not make any difference.

“The spirit of what’s going on is like shooting a brother,” says Hutchcraft. “Even within the local church, there’s backstabbing and gossip; today we can write blogs or go on Facebook and tell the world about all the bad things.”

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Greg Yoder

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