The Family that Went Without Sugar For a Year

Year of No Sugar

During the April 7 episode of the Dr. Oz show author Eve Schaub shared her family’s journey via her new book ‘Year of No Sugar’ conquering one full year without consuming sugar.

After discovering the side effects of consuming large amounts of sugar Schaub made the decision to include her family in her health challenge. Some of the effects of excessive sugar include diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain, and insulin resistance.

When Schaub and her family began their journey she had not realized just how difficult this task would be. The idea of not adding any sugar to their meals may be feasible but the mom of two failed to account for the sugar in unlikely places.

Schaub soon realized that sugar was lurking in savory foods; bacon, chicken broth, crackers, salad dressing, and even pasta sauce. Schaub and her family found themselves spending more time than normal checking the list of ingredients of all foods before they were placed in her shopping cart for purchase.

During the Schaub family’s quest to conquer their sugar addiction they created a number of recipes that are not only healthy but actually satisfy the sweet tooth. Many of the ingredients swapped out for sugar included dates, bananas and peanut butter.

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SOURCE: Examiner
Tasia Lawrence

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