Five Ways You Can Use Easter to Evangelize


Why do we celebrate Jesus’ birth more than His resurrection?

His birth didn’t redeem us and save us from sin. So why do we place a lesser importance on celebrating His resurrection? This is a question that has been nagging at me the past few months.

Easter is one of the best times to reach out to our neighbors and friends and evangelize the lost. The entire message of the gospel is wrapped up in this one holiday.

He came to earth and humbled Himself. He chose to be born to a poor, unlikely couple and live as an average person—although He was anything but average. In fact, He appeared so average that no one who grew up with Him would believe He was the Son of God!

He was labeled a radical, a rebel. The religious rulers didn’t know what to do with Him—they considered Him a loose cannon and decided to kill Him. He lived a perfect life but died in a manner of a common criminal. He was falsely accused after having been forced to face a kangaroo court all night long—literally.

And all for one reason. He loved us so much and wanted to redeem us from an eternity of hell.


Is it possible, then, that the enemy has purposely tried to subdue the true message of Easter?

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Rosilind Jukic

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