Art Teacher Commits Suicide Because She Couldn’t Adapt to Modern World

Goodbye: Anne took her own life after being 'left behind' by technology (The Sunday Times / News Syndication)
Goodbye: Anne took her own life after being ‘left behind’ by technology (The Sunday Times / News Syndication)

Anne, 89, complained that computers were turning people in to robots and said she would rather die than adapt

Peacefully clutching her loving niece’s hand, a pensioner committed suicide at Dignitas after she despaired of modern life.

The 89-year-old retired art teacher, named only as Anne, could not keep up with technology and said computers and TV had created a “lack of humanity”.

The British OAP spent a few days sightseeing with her niece then slipped away at the clinic near Zurich in Switzerland.

Shortly before her death from a fatal dose of drugs, she had claimed people were addicted to gadgets.

She said: “Why do so many people spend their lives sitting in front of a computer or television?

“I have never had a television. People are becoming more and more remote. We are becoming robots. It is this lack of humanity.”

She added: “I find myself swimming against the current, and you can’t do that. If you can’t join them, get off.”

The environmentalist was also worried about the damage being wrought on the planet by overcrowding and pollution.

And she complained about finding supermarket shelves stacked with ready meals.

Unmarried Anne, who did not have any children, explained: “They say adapt or die. At my age, I feel I can’t adapt, because the new age is not an age that I grew up to understand.

“I see everything as cutting corners. All the old-fashioned ways of doings things have gone.”

In the UK assisted suicide is illegal and helping someone die can carry a 14-year jail term.

But legal guidelines state anyone acting with compassion towards a loved one is unlikely to be prosecuted.

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Josh Layton

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