Over $80,000 Raised for Man Who Was Severely Beaten by Crowd in Detroit

Over 80,000 Raised for Man Who Was Severely Beaten by Crowd in Detroit

A fundraiser to help pay for the medical bills of the Clinton Township man severely beaten last week on Detroit’s east side had raised more than $83,000 by late Saturday night.

The amount surpasses the goal of $50,000 sought by the family of Steve Utash, 54, the tree-trimmer who remained in a medically-induced coma Saturday night after being attacked by a group of people on Wednesday after he stopped to check on a boy he had accidentally hit.

“The doctors said it would be a few days before they can start taking him off the tubes and things,” said his daughter Mandi Emerick. “They said the best thing for him is a quiet room and sleep so he can heal.”

On Saturday morning, police arrested a 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old boy in connection with the beating, said Detroit Police Department Sgt. Michael Woody.

Emerick, her sister and brother and other family and friends have been taking turns watching vigil over Utash at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit.

They’ve also been monitoring their GoFundMe page where $83,975 had come by 12:30 a.m. Sunday from more than 1,900 donors in less than two days. Along with the money, which will go to help Utash’s family pay for his medical care, people are sending well wishes and prayers that he wakes up soon.

“I didn’t want to set it too high because I didn’t want to seem greedy,” said Emerick on Saturday. “I never expected this.”

The donations are still welcome. Utash is uninsured and the family is going to end up paying around $20,000 a day for the hospital room and treatments, she said.

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Source: The Detroit News | LAUREN ABDEL-RAZZAQ

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