Mase and His Wife Have Already Been Separated for Two Years; Divorce Is Back On

Mase and Twyla Betha
Mase and Twyla Betha

For the past few weeks rapper turned pastor, Mase had been spreading the word that his rumored divorce from wife Twyla is off and that the couple are working on restoring their marriage. The only problem with that is that according to legal documents filed in San Diego, the couple actually already separated two years ago, not back in January like they have recently claimed. When the members of his church revealed that the rapper-turned-reverend may be leading a double-life, they may have had a point.

TMZ reports that the couple built a congregation and even sold a book giving marriage advice all under the guise of happy marriage. While claiming that they are working out their problems, the couple is still in the middle of a nasty divorce on paper with both asking for full physical custody of the children and Twyla asking for both child and spousal support.

Mase has a history of being hypocritical. Church members have questioned how religious he can possibly claim to be while “saving” his marriage and rapping about extra-marital sex on the side. On a song called “Tricky Situation” the reverend raps:

“I get the honey moaning, you marry her. She said she comin’ home, don’t you hurry her.”

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SOURCE: Madame Noire

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