Why Getting Enough Vitamin D Is Crucial In Fighting Diseases and Preventing Health Problems

vitamin D

One of the best things we can do for our health, and one of the easiest, is the very thing that most Americans are not doing: getting enough vitamin D.

Vitamin D is crucial for fighting disease. A lack of it can lead to serious health problems.

We get vitamin D from the sun, from some foods and from supplements. But despite its abundant availability, an estimated two-thirds of Americans aren’t getting enough.

That spells real trouble.

A major new study of nearly 1 million people finds the lower your vitamin D levels, the higher your risk for certain diseases, including the following:

  • A 35 percent increased risk of death from heart disease
  • A 14 percent increased risk of death from cancer

Vitamin D is nicknamed ‘the sunshine nutrient’ because it’s produced in our bodies when skin is exposed to sunlight.

To get enough vitamin D from the sun, doctors recommend exposing as much unprotected skin as possible – so no sunscreen, spread out over as little as one to two hours a week.

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Lorie Johnson

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