Products to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized and Bouncing

natural hair

Dry hair is common for naturals, but there are great products on the market that can help keep your strands moisturized at all times. Try these products to get your natural hair back moisturized and bouncing!

Camille Rose Deep Conditioner

Camille Rose hair products is a favorite among naturals. A lot of people especially love the deep conditioner. It’s very thick and made with all natural ingredients. It’s one of the most moisturizing deep conditioners out there. This product is great for restoring moisture back in hair after a week or weeks of manipulation or exposure to different environments.

Coconut Oil

You can never go wrong with coconut oil! It can be used as a pre-conditioner, a moisturizer, or a sealant. For ultimate results, I suggest soaking hair in coconut oil with a heat cap the night before you wash. When it’s time to wash you will notice that your hair is softer and significantly easier to manage. It’s also a good idea to apply coconut oil after a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer.

Oyin Handmade Hair Dew

Oyin’s Hair Dew is a great moisturizer when you need to refresh thirsty curls. It’s very moisturizing to the point you can possibly go a day or two without reapplying. Use this product if you’re trying to keep a twist or braid out from becoming dry and brittle. It’s an all-around perfect daily moisturizer that will keep your curls happy!

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SOURCE: The Yolanda Adams Morning Show

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