In Return to Mainstream Hip-Hop, Does Mason Betha Believe He Is on a Mission to Save Rapper’s Souls?


Mason Betha, pastor and founder of El Elyon International Church and Mason Betha Ministries, may believe that he is on a mission to save rapper’s souls.

Betha, known in the hip-hop world as Mase, has raised some eyebrows in and out of the Christian community after he decided to return to mainstream rapping. However, TMZ is reporting that sources close to the rapper-turned-pastor say he is using God and Michael Jackson as motivation.

“Sources close to Mase say he doesn’t see any issue doing both jobs … because he’s really using his street cred to infiltrate hip-hop and ultimately plans to bring rappers closer to Christ,” TMZ recently reported. “Churchgoers tell us Mase has said his renewed spiritual calling was motivated by Michael Jackson’s death — and he feels he could have saved MJ if he’d been around to counsel him.”

The report comes after the publication said Betha’s congregation was upset with his decision to return to mainstream hip-hop.

“Some of the worshipers tell TMZ … they believe Mase is living a double life, spending as much time in the studio with hardcore rappers as in the church. And they say his messages from the pulpit drip in hypocrisy, because what he raps about is exactly the opposite,” TMZ claimed last month. “There’s talk now about refusing to fund the church … that’s how bad things have become.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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