Controversial Trinidad Pastor Kills His Brother, Runs Over His Nephew With Car, Sets Fire to His House, and Then Shoots Himself to Death

tragic end: Pastor Vishnu Lutchmansingh...killed his brother then committed suicide yesterday.
tragic end: Pastor Vishnu Lutchmansingh…killed his brother then committed suicide yesterday.

Controversial pastor Vishnu Lutchmansingh, who claimed he had inherited several billion dollars from an American businessman in 2003, shot and killed his brother, ran over his nephew with his car, set fire to his house, and then shot himself to death afterwards.

The incident occurred just before 10.30 a.m. yesterday at Savary Road Extension in Las Lomas.

Police said that prior to setting his house on fire then shooting himself in the head, Lutchmansingh had a heated argument with his brother, Krishan Lutchmansingh, at an agricultural area known as Davy-Toby Drive, in Chin Chin Road, Cunupia.

During the quarrel, Lutchmansingh, who was before the court on several fraud charges, drew a licensed pistol and shot his brother.

He then left the scene and drove to Savary Road Extension where, using his car, he broke through a barrier that blocked the road leading to his property.

There he confronted one of his nephews, whose car he shot at several times and then ran Timothy Janitan over with his car.

Lutchmansingh then put the car into reverse gear and drove over his nephew again.

Janitan was taken to Chaguanas Health Facility, where he was treated.

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SOURCE: Trinidad Express
Gyasi Gonzales

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