IMB Missionaries Ask for Prayer After 8.2-Magnitude Earthquake In Chile

Chile earthquake

IMB missionaries in Chile are asking Southern Baptists to pray following an 8.2-magnitude earthquake that rattled the country’s northern city of Iquique April 1. Some expressed thanks to God that the damage wasn’t worse.

“Praise the Lord that Chile is very prepared for earthquakes,” said IMB’s Chita Drinkard, who serves in Santiago, Chile’s capital. Drinkard endured a similar 8.8-magnitude quake that rocked Santiago in 2010, and said Chileans are familiar with the country’s frequent seismic activity.

“Even so, the terror of going through an earthquake of this magnitude can affect one for a long time, so please continue to pray,” she added.

Tuesday’s quake caused landslides, damage to buildings, power outages and triggered a small tsunami; at least six people have been confirmed dead.

The earthquake’s epicenter in the Pacific Ocean was about 60 miles northwest of Iquique, where International Mission Board missionaries Cathy and Lee Zwink serve.

The Zwinks are currently on stateside assignment in Colorado.

“Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in northern Chile following the 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Iquique,” the Zwinks posted on their Facebook page. “Pray that our Lord’s grace and mercy will be poured down on our country (Chile) and be shared with all those affected by the quake.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Maria Elena Baseler

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