Four Winston-Salem Small Business Owners Meet with White House Officials

Montinique Cager, Pamela Cager, Lafayette Jones, Sandra Miller Jones
Montinique Cager, Pamela Cager, Lafayette Jones, Sandra Miller Jones

Four Winston-Salem residents recently met with senior administration officials in Washington to offer – and receive – ideas for strengthening small businesses in today’s economic environment.

Montinique and Pamela Cager, and Lafayette and Sandra Miller Jones were among a group of about 50 small business leaders from throughout the country who met at the White House on March 13 as part of a briefing.

The event was organized by Business Forward, a nonprofit organization in Washington that is focused on giving business leaders the chance to advise government officials in Washington on how to create jobs and accelerate the country’s economic recovery.

The organization said in a statement, “We take suggestions on who to invite from business leaders and local trade and business associations, as well as participants from past events who find our meetings valuable and want to recommend other business leaders to participate.”

Jim Doyle, the president of Business Forward, said in a press release that the business leaders who go to Washington “don’t agree with each other or the Administration on every point, but they expect solutions that create jobs and grow the economy.”

The Cagers are the owners of For All Occasions Catering and a photography business. Also, Pamela Cager is the vice president and her husband is the executive director of marketing for the Winston-Salem Black Chamber of Commerce.

“What stood out to me was how they gave information about the (website) and all the information that was available to small businesses through that website,” said Pamela Cager.

She said she was unaware of all the funding available to small businesses and was happy to receive contact information for the director of Raleigh Score.

Score is a national organization that provides free and confidential small business mentoring and advice service to entrepreneurs.

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Source: Journal Now | Fran Daniel

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