Mother of Jahi McMath Is Still Praying and Hoping for her Daughter’s Recovery

Mother of Jahi McMath Is Still Praying and Hoping for her Daughter's Recovery

When last we posted on the condition of Jahi McMath, the family of the teenager whom doctors had diagnosed as brain dead had won the right to move her from Oakland Children’s Hospital to an undisclosed location where feeding and breathing tubes were successfully inserted into the 13-year-old Jahi.

At the time, Christopher Dolan, the family attorney, told reporters the family would not be talking for a while. That silence was not broken until last week when Jahi’s mother Nailah Winkfield, gave an exclusive interview with NBC Bay Area and NBC’s affiliate in Philadelphia.

Lisa Fernandez of NBC Bay Area began by quoting Winkfield.

“She’s still asleep.  I don’t use the word ‘brain dead’ for my daughter. I’m just waiting and faithful that she will have a recovery. She is blossoming into a teenager before my eyes.”

For those coming late to the story, Jahi has been on a ventilator since going into cardiac arrest following December 9 surgery to remove her tonsils and clear tissue from her nose and throat. Three days later she was diagnosed as brain-dead and the legal battle began in earnest when the hospital sought to remove Jahi from a ventilator over the family’s vigorous objections.

A truce was brokered in early January during a hearing before Alameda Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo, allowing Nailah Winkfield to remove her daughter from the hospital as long as she assumed full responsibility.

Hospital spokesman Sam Singer vigorously disagreed.

“We have done everything to assist the family of Jahi McMath in their quest to take the deceased body of their daughter to another medical facility,” he said three months ago. Singer told reporters that Dolan is “perpetuating a sad and tragic hoax on the public and the McMath family. Tragically, this young woman is dead, and there is no food, no medical procedures and no amount of time that will bring back the deceased.”

But Nailah Winkfield painted an entirely different picture of her daughter’s condition. She described Jahi as “very response.” Fernandez wrote that Winfield said her daughter is “now moving her head side to side, something she hadn’t done before.”

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Source: Life News | Dave Andrusko

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