Is Microsoft Planning a Windows OS for Robots and…’Smart Coffee Mugs’?


A site called Windows on Devices briefly went live recently, but was promptly taken down. Before that, the site suggested Windows could run on robots and a so-called “smart coffee mug.”

Microsoft may soon get into the Internet of Things swing of things.

Some Web users discovered a Web site late on Tuesday called Windows on Devices that detailed Microsoft’s vision for bringing Windows to a wide range of devices, including robots, talking bears, and even a smart coffee mug, according to The Verge, which earlier reported on the story.

After it was discovered, Microsoft quickly took the site down. It now redirects to Windows Azure information.

The Internet of Things has become a buzzword in the industry that describes the integration of smart technology and Web connections in devices that have heretofore not had such innovations. A smart coffee mug would fit into that category, as would talking bears.

Speculation abounds that Microsoft’s Windows on Devices page is a lead-up to the company’s Build conference kicking off this week. Microsoft is expected to discuss Windows, and part of that conversation could relate to the operating system making its way to a broad range of devices.

Whether Microsoft would actually want to bring Windows to things like a talking bear and coffee mug, however, remains to be seen. The Internet of Things is certainly designed to extend smart technology to “dumb” devices, but a coffee mug or bear? That might sound like a stretch.

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