In New Book, “Your Divine Fingerprint”, Texas Pastor Keith Craft Says Everyone Has a Unique Part of God’s Glory In Them

Your Divine Fingerprint

In an age of brutal recessions and college degrees that lead to no jobs, many young people drift. They feel hopeless.

“They’ve been disillusioned by how their parents’ marriage didn’t work,” Keith Craft, pastor of Elevate Life, one of Frisco, Texas’ most youthful and fastest growing mega-churches, told CBN News. “They’ve been disillusioned by a society that doesn’t seem to be working.”

Craft believes everyone can shake off disillusionment and drifting, and can replace them with a powerful, transformed life.

He insists there’s a reason to live because there’s a God who made you for a reason.

This motivational speaker and former champion body-builder said it starts with realizing and totally accepting you are a one-of-a-kind creation of God — formed to perform a unique mission on the earth.

A Deposit of God’s Glory
Crafts says the same God who said, “Let there be light” and created a universe also said, “Let there be you.”

“I believe every person has a deposit of God’s glory that nobody’s ever had and nobody else ever will,” he asserted.

In Craft’s new book, Your Divine Fingerprint: The Force That Makes You Unstoppable, he explains this part of God’s glory in you is as unique as every snowflake is, or every fingerprint.

Craft pointed to Christ’s words in John 17: “In the 22nd verse, He [Jesus] says, ‘God, You’ve given Me Your glory, and now I give it to them.'”

If you’ll do what it takes to live up to your God-given potential and purpose, the world can then be blessed by that unique glory in you “because through you they’ll see a part of God that nobody’s ever seen,” Craft explained.

But to get it out, you need positive words to communicate the glory.

“Out of your heart flow the issues of life,” Craft paraphrased Proverbs 4:23, before quoting Luke 6:45: “And out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

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Paul Strand

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  1. Keith Craft is all about the money. Buy this book and line his pockets. He wanted to be a rock star but couldn’t make so he decided to dupe people by being a ‘pastor’ with ZERO bible training. Follow his teachings at your own peril. He is a wolf in sheep clothing!!

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