Home Learning Association Seeks to Strengthen the Homeschool Movement with its New Affiliate Program

Home Learning Association Seeks to Strengthen the Homeschool Movement with its New Affiliate Program

Homeschooling is now growing at supersonic speeds and has consequently caught the eye of those who see homeschooling as a threat to the status quo. Until recently, the millions of homeschoolers in America had no national organization dedicated to bringing them all together as a unified voice. Now, the Home Learning Association (HLA) is striving to obtain its first one million members to stand against those who want to limit or take away their rights. To help the HLA grow as quickly as possible, the Association is now offering to compensate those groups, organizations or merchants, that are willing to assist the HLA to obtain new members through its new Affiliate program.

The program was designed for those who have contact with school age parents. Of course every homeschool meet-up or support group is a perfect candidate to become an HLA Affiliate, but any organization or company that maintains a website or markets to parents of school age children would be welcome as well. Membership to the Home Learning Association includes many great benefits like: dozens of programs and activities that have never previously been available for homeschoolers on a national level, membership cards for the whole family that are good for discounts at dozens of national stores and restaurant chains, a comprehensive on-line video Homeschool Teacher Course, access to an exclusive and safe on-line social network, access to adventure travel and fundraising opportunities, a monthly newsletter, and a multitude of other resources and support materials.

A one year family membership to the HLA is $39 and Affiliates receive a 23% commission ($9.00) on each membership sold through their efforts. Homeschoolers across America recognize that the movement needs to organize and work together under one roof. They want to make sure that their right to homeschool isn’t taken away from parents like it was in the late 1800s when compulsory schooling laws took effect and resistant families had their children forcibly taken from them by militia who then delivered the children to school. Consequently memberships to the Association sell themselves and can provide a great income source for those who already market products or services to parents.

When a prospective member enters the HLA website, linked through an Affiliates website or email blast, the Affiliate receives credit if at any time during the following year that prospect becomes a member. The HLA Affiliate program is hosted by ShareASale.com which is a leading provider of Affiliate marketing programs. On the ShareASale website, HLA Affiliates will find a selection of ready-made banners, images and text links to use on their websites or in their emails whenever they want. There is no cost to the Affiliate of any kind and the revenue stream from the sale of memberships could be substantial. Joining is free and easy.

There is strength in numbers so please help the HLA grow strong for the benefit of all freedom lovers in America. For complete details on the Home Learning Association Affiliate Program, or to sign up, please CLICK HERE!

About the Home Learning Association

The Home Learning Association is the first national homeschool organization to offer comprehensive educational and socialization programs, activities and resources at a national level in the United States. It was founded and is run by the Weston family, a veteran homeschooling family of seventeen years. Started by homeschoolers for all homeschoolers, the Association partners with over a dozen affiliated companies to ensure all of the homeschooling community’s needs are met. To obtain more information, please visit our website at http://www.HomeLearningAssociation.com, find us on Facebook, or on Twitter (@TerraScholar).

Source: PRWeb

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