How Christians Can Relate to Culture

How Christians can Relate to Culture

A few years ago I spoke at Harvard University with 9 other speakers. We were surprised when the gay community opposed the very idea that a Christian group would be on campus.

They concluded that we would be like every Christian group that they had an experienced. They thought we would use our time to bash gays and their agenda. Our conference was on the theme of Community Transformation.

They met with the Dean of the school and did all they could to shut down the conference. They spread lies about the speakers and I was personally targeted by spreading lies about me. They tried to tie me to some Uganda anti-gay legislation just because I been there and knew someone who had been caught up with the controversy. It was guilt by association.

The day came for the conference and they had about 60 protestors in front of our event. Early in the process our intercessors told us they believed we were not to fight the smear campaign, but let the Lord protect us.

The conference went on as planned and it was a good event. Not one word was ever spoken against the gay community. At the conclusion of the event many of the organizers of the protests were in our refreshment area. A few of us invited them in to talk with us. We had a Harvard professor join us.

We let them tell us what was on their mind and why they so opposed us. We listened and then I responded to the man who spread the lies about me, “Are you aware that everything you spread about me on the internet was a lie?”

“What do you mean?” he said.

I said that I was not involved with that Uganda legislation nor would I support it.


“Yes, I would never support such legislation.”

We talked about it and he concluded that he had wrongfully judged me. He offered to publish a retraction in the Harvard paper to which I said, “That would be nice.”

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Source: Crosswalk | Os Hillman, President, Marketplace Leaders

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